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Default Re: New York Jets offseason thread

Originally Posted by Carbine
You sell Washington short. Go to one of the many Jet forums you probably frequent and ask them about Leon. He's a Sproles type dude who just makes plays, either in the run game or the passing game or return game.

He doesnt impress me. In 2010 if I'm the NYJ I'm walkin away having drafted a RB.

Pair him with Greene and you're straight. No need to grab Best if he's still there when the fact of the matter is you got issues in the secondary that are far more important especially with the probable departure of Rhodes.

You dont pass up Jahvid Best at that spot. And there are no CBs worthy of where the NYJ pick. The top 3 Safeties Berry, Mays, Thomas will be gone by then. The secondary players who will be available by the time Jets pick would not be valued over someone like J.Best.

And the issues in the secondary arent as important as you think. You add a pass rusher to the outside where that bum Gholston failed? And the issue in the secondary isnt that huge of a deal. I'd look for that pass rushing OLB/DE where they pick over a CB. you can find good value at CB in the 2nd round. No need to reach for one first round just because. Also NT I'd look into as well. you know as well as anyone if you can create a good enough pass rush, pressure the QB you can make your secondary look better than they are. And if they are good they can look great.
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