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Default Re: Has this ever happened to you?

Originally Posted by BlueCrayon
The other day I was just playing a small game with my friends at my local gym when ten people walked in and decided that they could play a full court even thought there were people shooting around or playing a game with other people. They started to play so that left everyone no choice but to sit on the bleachers and wait. The game lasted forever and lots of people ended up leaving including me. People like this piss me off because they don't seem to realize that there are other people around besides them. Also, I really hate it when you're just shooting around in the gym when some random dude comes in gets the rebound and takes a shot, first of all this is rude because he didn't even ask if he could take a shot or not. Secondly his friends think that they can follow suit and they also get the rebound and take shots.

I don't know about you guys but this happens to me a lot.

Everyone of those events would end up in a fight if i were their. I'd be pissed if somebody re bounded MY ball and took a shot with MY ball without asking. Or if i was shooting around and some people just tried to start a full court game, i wouldnt get out of the way, I'd make sure one of them got laid out.
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