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Default Re: Andre Miller New Career High-Points (52)

Originally Posted by sacredcow
He's not great in the sense of Nash, Paul, Williams, Nelson sense but he gets his numbers and does a good job setting guys up. He can attack the rim (something Steve Blake refuses to do) and find his own shot when nobody else wants to take it. What more do you want? He's not flashy, but he gets the job done.
Just watch the wording, that's all. He's a solid starting PG. That's all he ever has been. Even when he put up pretty good numbers for terrible Cavalier teams. It was a mirage. Like with any scrub putting up numbers on a bad team. Cause if those numbers meant something and came at important times, the numbers would be accurate representations of the player's impact, and their respective teams wouldn't be racking up L's instead of W's.
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