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Default Re: Who has been the best surprise for the Rockets this season?

This is actually a good question..... i will give my two cents on who has surprised me this year.

Chuck Hayes.... He has played VERY well as the starting center. I really thought that teams would just rock us inside with a 6 fot 6 center. The rockets still struggle a bit against really big teams, but he has done a very nice job manning the middle.

Kyle Lowry.... he has turned from a bulldog into a bulldog WITH A PURPOSE. He seems to show me something new every game. I really like htis guy as the backup and would liek to see him signed long term this offseason.

Budz.... I love what this guy brings EVERY night. I think that Morey has done it again with finding a late gem. I see him having a decent NBA career. I like what he has done.

Brooks..... he showed flashes of this last year in the playoffs, so i will just say that its not that much of a surprise.

Landry.... same as Brooks...kinda seen his game progressing every year so this is less of a surprise to me.

so the answer to the question as far as the biggest surprise is actually going to ADELMAN.

1. give taylor some burn
2. should have slowly worked TMac into the rotation liek it was planned.
3. Would liek to see Dorsey get a couple minutes..nothing major, but just a few a game.... lets develop this guy so we can really know if he is worth resigning when he is due... this seems like the perfect year to do that since yao is sitting down fot the year.

c'mon Rick.... do what is right here.
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