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Default Re: How do you feel about JR Smith's court decisions?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Karls use of jr has hobbled the team- too much is asked of jr when you want him to be the main creator of offense for others- jr is one of the most dynamic shooter/scorers in the nba, and instead of asking that out of him karl wants him as a ball handler and creator for the second team at the same time as asking him to score alongside either no offensive players or 1 other

Jr and the nugs could benifit so much from playing with billups and making the defense choose who to throw their 3rd guy at between carmelo, billups and jr- always giving the other team a weak cover or someone they can drift away from is stupid- its not just the qaurter of the game karl chooses not to put his top lineup out there its the practice minutes in putting in new plays or sets that jr's career could be benifited by playing w and learning from billups

Karl is good at keeping his job and has saved the "put your best players out there" until after this season when karl will pull out the "well next year maybe jr will be ready to start" -

There is not a logical basketball reason to why afflalo starts and jr is used how he is- personal reasons and who karl likes or doesn't shouldt be enough- this is the nba and karl is making way too much money to be a little girl about it

So much talk about jr needing to lose the "bad" parts of his game- yet no help and direction from the coach to put him in a position to be succesfull- get another pg and start using jr at what he does best and the nugs are a better team

The fact is that you can't depend on him CONSISTANTLY. Some nights he is unstoppable, some nights he can't get it goin. And on certain nights he lets the other part of his game come forward and on other nights he is like a lost little sheep!

And when nothing works, he seems to look for someone to blame. He can't understand that if he is having one of those nights Karl keeps him on the bench cause he ain't contributing.

He still is not mature.
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