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no solid link yet, but various sites have a recount of what Jeezy said.....Im sure some audio will pop up sooner or later... here's what I read tho..

Ain't got no link or anything so I don't know if this will be deleted or not. The interview will probably be on their website 2morrow though. But he was on the Russ Parr show in DC this morning and he basically said that he didn't mean what he said and that his anger pretty much got the best of him. Jeezy said the vibe was off when he came in the studio yesterday. He said that he took offense when Monie Love was saying that she believed Hip Hop Is Dead, and that's what Nas was saying the samething as she was. He took that as a direct shot at him and the rest of ATL b/c she was basically saying artists like him are the reasons hip hop is dead. So that made him say what he said without thinking 1st. He said there's no beef with Nas and apologized to Nas if he took it that way. He said if he was really beefing with NAs he would have said it again today, but yesterday he got caught up in the moment. He also said their isn't any diss tracks towards Nas, but he does feel that their are alot of older cats in the game hating on the south out of jealousy and just hatred.

wayne is beefin wit Pharell?.. what happened?

On Pharrell and the Clipse:
”I don’t see no ****ing Clipse. This is a ****ing legend you’re talking to right here. How many years them ****** been around? Who the **** is Pharrell? Do you really respect him? That ***** wore BAPE and y’all thought he was weird. I wore it and y’all thought it was hot. What I gotta go in the store and say, ‘I like these colors but I can’t buy them because other rappers wore them?”

Pharrell and Nigo own bape dont they? Wayne is retarded

on the whole kissin stuff
On the infamous photo of he and Baby kissing:
”I don’t fault nobody for misunderstanding. I don’t understand a lot of ****. Baby walked in the crib one day and was like, ‘Everybody’s doing this black mob ****. When I see you ******, this is what we’re gonna do.’ And that’s why you’ve probably got a picture of me because I stuck with everything that man said. But every *****’s done that. I’ve done kissed [Juvenile and B.G.]. No homo. Pause.”
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