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Millsap's overrated as a starter. Once opposing teams catch on he ends up like he did last year - outmatched.

Why is he looking so good right now than? The book on him is out there. He should be outmatched which he rarely has been. He had a very brief slump last year. I'd hardly say teams caught onto him.

Boozer is 2x the man Millsap is on offense

I guess. Boozer is all about numbers. People love numbers like 20-10. It gets you the hype and all-star berths and Dream team berths(LOL!) but Milsap has been almost as effective at the offensive end statistically while actually playing at the other end too.

Millsap is right where he belongs, second string

Not for the amount of money he's getting paid. One of them has to go and to me it's an easy choice.

If you want the Jazz to win, you'd better hope that the Jazz hold onto Boozer.

They're doing just fine right now and they played as well with Milsap a year ago as they did with Boozer. They're only going so far with Boozer. He's all about the numbers and the money.
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