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Originally Posted by CLTHornets4eva
Current and former Pistons not named Chauncey
Seriously, is any of these guys having a good season? Rasheed Wallace went to Boston and has been a disaster, lobbing up 3s like he's Antoine Walker and puzzling observers with his halfhearted efforts at both ends. For all of Boston's bluster about winning 70 games after Wallace's addition, he could end up being a big reason they fall short of 50.

That makes him a huge disappointment, to be sure, but is he a bigger one than Tayshaun Prince, who suddenly can't stay healthy after not missing a game for the better part of a decade or Charlie Villanueva, who signed a $40 million free-agent deal but can't even stay on the court because of his defensive shortcomings or Antonio McDyess and Jason Maxiell, both of whom are making midlevel money but providing little in return? That's to say nothing of Richard Hamilton or Carlos Delfino, neither of whom is exactly setting the world aflame. Or Darko Milicic, who is having a bad season even by his minimal standards. I hate to pile on here, so let's just call it a bad season for the entire Pistons diaspora save Billups and move on.

thanks for the text!

Funny he doesnt included amir or afflalo in his current or former pistons section. I guess both of them have been nice pickups for their respective squads.
But Rip and BG do fit the mold and werent mentioned.
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