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Default Re: Demar DeRozan will win the dunk contest

Originally Posted by CLTHornets4eva
JRich won due to the dunk that he spun the wheel to get. Everyone there- listen to Sir. Charles- says Gerald got robbed. Wallace jumped from the free throw line.
Not that it really matters at this point but the wheel that was implemented that year makes all results almost null and void from my end. I do not believe Wallace was robbed because I loved Richardson's windmill and I liked his final dunk (bounce, two-hand windmill-ish type reverse) better than Wallace scraping in from the free throw line.

I don't hold that against Wallace though. I think it was unfortunate that he, Richardson (who drew a 'Nique windmill but also had to try to dunk from the free throw line), and Francis had to do dunks they otherwise would have passed over in favor of something more to their own styles.
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