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Default Re: Insider: 5 deals that make sense

It look decent for the Suns. But Im a little worried about Beasley. I mean he is more like a SF. HE would play the PF. So lets say we play against like Lakers or Cavs he would get raped by bigger and stronger PFs or Cs. But all in all I think its a bettter trade than the Iggy/Dal trade. Also the Suns need to focus how to get rid of J Rich because he is just dragging the suns down. The worst problem is NOBODY would take him with him being SUPER overpaid. If he would cost like 3 mill other teams still wouldnt take him. Thats how crappy he is now. I mean he was great but that is the past. the the present is hes our Sasha Vujajic of the Suns.
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