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Default Re: 2010 NBA Rookie Challenge Game Thread, 9 PM EST

Originally Posted by GOBB

This is immaturity. So you wanna be irrational and lame all because? I insulted Eric Gordon and you took offence. Pump your breaks kid. Take a chill pill. You're reaching for f*cks sake. Why would be pull out 2 creative dunks tonight then be forced to pull out more creative dunks tomorrow vs competition? That makes no sense especially if he wants to do one of his creative dunks today, tomorrow. But yeah if he was soooooo creative he should have uber amounts right? Arguing without reason. Awesome. smh

so ironic, its hilarious, you proceed to call me "kid" because this will make you feel like a badass, you keep referring to me as a homer because i disagreed with you and saw your sh*tty logic?

arguing without reason???? he can't do something a little better then that simple stuff he did back to back? sure he can save the spectacular stuff, but can you not agree that there was nothing special about those two dunks and gordon's were not great but still more creative? at most how many dunks would that be? 6? he can do something better than those two and still have enough left for tomorrow, but i guess im "arguing without reason" because i want to see better dunks for the event that gets him into the contest
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