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Default First Half of the NBA Regular Season Award

MVP: LeBron James
Rookie of the Year: Tyreke Evans
Coach of the Year: Jerry Sloan
Defensive Player of the Year: Dwight Howard
6th Man of the Year: Jamal Crawford
Most Improved Player: Carl Landry
Executive of the Year: Danny Ferry
Sportsmanship Award: Chaunce Billups
J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award: Derek Fisher

All NBA First Team

C- Dwight Howard
F- Dirk Nowitzki
F- LeBron James
G- Kobe Bryant
G- Steve Nash

All NBA Second Team

C- Tim Duncan
F- Kevin Durant
F- Carmelo Anthony
G- Dwayne Wade
G- Deron Williams

All NBA 3rd Team

C- Amare Stoudemire
F- Chris Bosh
F- Joe Johnson
G- Brandon Roy/ Paul Pierce
G- Chauncey Billups/ Chris Paul ( CP3 missed plenty of games)

All NBA Rookie Team

Omri Casspi
Tyreke Evans
Brandon Jennings
Stephen Curry
Dejuan Blair

All-NBA Defensive First Team

C: Dwight Howard
F: Kendrick Perkins
F: LeBron James
G: Kobe Bryant
G: Rajon Rondo

All-NBA Defensive Second Team

C: Tim Duncan
F: Kevin Garnett
F: Gerald Wallace
G: Dwayne Wade
G: Chris Paul

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