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Default Re: 2012 ASG - Toronto

Originally Posted by Crystallas
I'm glad you're not picking the destinations. Local climate should not dictate where an ASG is held. Every market deserves its share. The largest market in the US is not a warm weather city, nor are many other large markets.
Local climate should dictate where the games go. It is the event where The NBA does a great deal of it's business. Conventions are held around the event. It is The NBA's showcase and the Association should work to make sure that it is as pleasant an event as possible. The rotation should be LA, Miami, Atlanta, Vegas, San Francisco/Oakland, Phoenix, and Houston. Exceptions to the cold weather rule would be New York, Chicago, and Philly. No one deserves anything it is all about smart business. Putting the game in Minny or Milwaukee would be silly and no CEO worth his salt would do so.

There is a reason that The NFL usually keeps the Super Bowl out of cold weather cities, The Detroit game was a disaster. No one wants to have to worry about coat checks when they are out on the town.
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