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Default Re: 2012 ASG - Toronto

ASG won't happen in Toronto until they're done the construction around the arena.

But I GUARANTEE you we'll get it once it's done. MLSE fat cats want a large stage to show off the hundreds of millions in reno's done to the surrounding area and the ACC itself.

Money talks. As the fourth largest market with an NBA team, we'll get it. Stern might have taken a detour from his original plan to handle the whole Donaghy incident and all the fallout that comes with it.. but he'll soon be back to his "international" agenda and Toronto is the key to that campaign.

Stern wants to go GLOBAL... and what better way to drum up interest than having your best international stars compete with the home-grown stars in the allstar game in the league's only international market?

2014 is my guess. That should be enough time to finish all the construction.
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