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Default Re: 2012 ASG - Toronto

From Doug Smith at The Star:

Someone was asking me Sunday night about the feasibility of an all-star game in Toronto.

Simple answer?


Yes, the cityís great and has lots of hotel space and convention floor space and clubs and restaurants and thereíd be every chance itíd be warmer there than it was in Dallas.

The issue is the Air Canada Centre.

Itís a good building, with good seats for fans in a nice downtown location and most things work well in it.

But itís too small. No back-of-house space.

Heck, there arenít even enough dressing rooms for the folks who sing and dance, let alone all the stuff they bring with.

Honestly, the scope of this all-star thing is huge; people, props, stuffed animals, more people and props. The Air Canada Centre, for all its charms, simply doesnít have the facilities to handle everything smoothly.

Heck, when the Raptors get into the playoffs, they have to feed the media in a hallway Ė single tables stretched out along a wall Ė because the joint canít handle the extra people.

I canít even guess what itíd be like with an all-star game and, if they apply, I bet the league would have some concerns.


Besides, we keep hearing that after Los Angeles next year, the new arena in Orlando might be a host and so, too, might New Orleans be so you could be looking 2014 at the earliest anyway.

Maybe Maple Leaf Sports applies and gets it for a long-off year and, who knows, maybe they do the Saturday at the ACC and the game at the dome but Iíd be surprised.

Perhaps they follow Dallas' lead and hold it at the Dome?

Also, the running of the Olympics has no bearing on Toronto's ability to hold an all star game, whether the Olympics are well run, or not.
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