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Default Re: Why aren't the Celtics looking to get STAT?

If the Cs got STAT they could just glue Sheed to the bench, PT problem solved. Plus (unfortunately) it would do KG some good to play less. IMO Ainge probably just can't put together a package that PHX would want. As perimeter as the Suns are they probably wouldn't want Ray Allen, Paul Pierce is the sacred cow, and KG in spite of his knee injury is practically "sacred cow" himself. STAT has 5-8 more years of All-NBA-caliber PF in him, let's not get it confused, he has very high value. Ray Allen and a high pick would make some sunse for the Suns, but a 30-game Ray Allen rental with nothing else would be pointless.

Of course, Ainge normally strikes when you're expecting nothing to happen, so who knows? The unpredictable nature of it all is why I'm almost never interested in rumors.
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