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Default Re: Larry Bird wants fans to be patient

dont hate me but I agree with Larry about waiting until summer of 2011 to make major moves. This gives Danny, Roy and Tyler time to mature and get to meld into a team unit. Brandon Rush isnt the player we thought he was but he and AJ Price could be good role players off the bench like foster and others have played before. The basketball world is full of talented pgs, and we should take one early next season, and then try to bring in another talented wing scorer in 2011 through free agency, while drafting and adding other talented players this and next summer

going into 2011:

pg: Lottery pick 2010, aj price
sg: FA All-star Caliber player, Rush
sf: Danny, FA pick up vet
pf: Tyler, 1st rounder from 2011
c: Roy, fa vet pick up

I think this might actually be the best thing for this team, think of the lottery pg, as a westbrook/ rose player, and the sg we sign as aroung the kevin martin, iggy type caliber. This team wouldnt be bad, and could be great.
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