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Default Re: Post a Pic of Yourself 6

It was one of the crazier scenes I have witnessed on ISH. Apparently, Anton knew that Jeff was going to a party and wasn't going to be online all night (Jeff posted about it before he left). Anton then spent the remainder of the night literally destroying every thread with the most disgusting gifs imaginable... Guys cutting off/sticking rods in/mutilating their genitals, a guy having sex with a dolphin (you read that correctly), all kind of bestiality, etc.

He did this for hours uninterrupted with no moderator deleting anything. I wasn't even in the OTC when all of this was going down. I was up in the NBA Forum discussing the trade deadline. Marlo started a thread up there, alerting us as to the situation and asking if there was any moderator that could do anything. It continued for hours.

Then, he threatened to 'hack' marlo...

Finally, at about 5 o'clock in the morning, Jeff returned and sh!t hit the fan. He posted Anton's IP addresses, all but giving away his true identity. Anton, according to Jeff, wrote a long apologetic PM saying that he was Anton's father and to stop what he was doing because Anton is 'just a kid' (although he is in college).

Jeff continued exposing him....
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