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Default feb 18 trades breakdown

Salmon - to the Bucks

Warrick / Alexander - to the Bulls

Ivey - to the Bucks (potential vet to assist Jennings dealing with the NBA)
Brezec - to the Bucks (ex- Jennings teammate over in Italy)

Meeks - to the 6er's

Elson - to the 6er's

How this helps us :

The most notable trade here is Meeks - (why?)

This signals if I can even read what hammond is trying to do is simply open up enough space this summer to sign a legit PF to start.
(where is the simple trade to get a great banger like 'BASS"?)

Moving Meeks tells me , that whether John Salmons takes the player option or not , the Bucks could try hard to acquire him in a long term deal.

This would solidify the SG position , and the back court with Jennings and possibly long term Ridnour as a backup.

Even though they have Moute as a SF , that position is weak with Delfino as a backup , and so here is what the Bucks have :

They need a PF starter material
they need a PF backup material (does ersan Ilyasova fit the bill ? right now he is a tweener)
They need a SG starter material
they need a SF backup material.

2 legit role players
2 legit starters

I am not saying it can't be done , but prior to the season starting it was well documented that it would be at least 3 years before the Bucks could put a legit team on the floor and even compete with the elite teams in the east for serious playoff runs.

Following this train of thought I see no reason not to doubt that the team will be up for sale this summer to a legit buyer that will keep the team in Milwaukee and has some semblance of building blocks for a team.

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