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Default Re: Ronnie brewer has been traded to grizzlies for a pick

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
Don't count your chickens yet, we all know how often the team with the worst record actually wins the lotto.

Exactly my point. I'm not really happy if we did all this, don't get Wall, and end up with Gay.

Originally Posted by rknine15
Gay, Wall, Lopez would be a very nice YOUNG nucleus. If we can get someone that can play the 4 with Harris + filler we'll be fine.

If we could somehow get another high lottery pick and draft

Personally, as much as Demarcus' beasts, I don't want him. Considering he and Patrick Patterson cannot coexist as big men down low, I don't want to see Brook being forced out further and further from the basket just because he actually has a perimeter shot. I much, much rather have Greg Monroe as he can face up, rebound, and pass.
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