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Default Re: Should I put insoles in my basketball shoes?

It depends on your foot type. If you have the wrong type of shoes for your foot, then you add the wrong insoles to band-aid the problem, your feet are going to change molds, and you will develop foot problems.

If your insoles slide inside your shoe, that means you are either putting your shoes on wrong(putting them on like slippers) or the shoe size is sligtly wrong(not neccessarily length of the shoe, but the width too).

If you feel you must have insoles, I reccomend you research moldable insoles. Archmolds is one example.

Sprinkbaks are technically inserts, and not insoles. You put them under the insole, and don't use them as insoles. People don't search for "shoe inserts" so you can understand why they don't market them like that.
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