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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Originally Posted by plowking
Yes, we all loved him growing up, though yes, he is overrated. I've hear several posters say that if he kept playing he'd be considered better than Vince and Tracy, etc.

I'm not sure Vince was ever as good as Penny was in 1996. Possibly 2001 or 2005, but even then it's debatable. If Penny had stayed healthy I have very little doubt he would have had a better career than both of them.

Back to Back All-NBA 1st team selections and All-NBA 3rd team in a season that he only played 59 games in. 10th in MVP voting in 1995 and 3rd in 1996. Played on four 50 win teams, 2 conference finals, an NBA finals and a 60 win team.

T-Mac was healthy a lot longer and never finished as high as 3rd in MVP voting and he only matched Penny with 2 All-NBA 1st team selections. Technically including the 2009 Rockets, T-Mac matched him with four 50 win teams, but he never made it out of the first round and never won 60 games.

Carter has never played on a 50 win team, never played in the conference finals, has just 2 all-nba selections(2nd and 3rd team) and has never finished higher than 10th in NBA voting.

As far as what they did on the court? Penny was a better passer/playmaker and defender than either of them, although they both have him beat in scoring, shooting and rebounding. But Penny was better at making his teammates better and I think he was a better winner in a 5 on 5 game of basketball.
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