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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Penny was great. Much better than his stats showed. I loved his game. Had a lot of Magic Johnson in his game and he was getting a lot of comparisons to Magic at that time too along with Steve Smith. He was more athletic than Magic but not as strong and obviously didn't have enough impact on the games as Magic did. His stutter dribble, hesitation move and then the EXPLOSION was one of my favorite moves of his. He also had a nice post game. Up and unders, spin moves and a sweet turnaround jumpshot. Had some nice footwork down low. His passing was great too. Amazing court vision and he had the type of passes that you made jump out of your seat. He was a good shooter as well. Mid range, pull up 3s etc. But, he did benefit from the shortened 3 point line. Solid defender too. Had a lot of hype and flash to his game. I wanna say he was a top 5 player in the league for a certain period of time. I'd say early in the '96 season where Shaq was out and he led Orlando to a great start. Orlando in 1997 also had a great record when Penny played. And who can forget his wonderful performance in the series against the Heat which was arguably the best defensive team in the league at that point along with CHI. Exploded in games 3 and 4 and literally carried them to victory. And Orlando had a bunch of injuries that series too. Sad to see such great talents like him and Grant Hill go down to injuries. He tends to get overrated by certain people who watch a couple of highlight reels and think he was a superstar in the true sense. But, definitely not terribly overrated.
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