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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Originally Posted by plowking
See right there, you over rate him once again.

When did Vince seperate himself from Penny? See right there, you overrate the current player.(big surprise).

Penny only got to the first team because Jordan was sitting out. Also, in no way was he better than Payton that season, though simply got it over him because he was the NBA's love child who sat beside the lovable Shaq. They were one of the most popular teams.
Once again, Payton was better the following year.

Who cares if he made one all-nba ifrst team because Jordan was gone? Jordan was retired when Carter and McGrady were in their prime as well, shouldn't take away from their accomplishments.

And what was Payton better at in '95 and '96 other than defense? Those 2 were debatable overall.

Also, in no way is Penny a better defender than T-Mac. Tracy came into the league regarded as a premier defender and someone who can cause havoc for other long, athletic wings, and he did that in his first few seasons.

I was referring to T-Mac's overall prime. When T-Mac was in prime as an overall player, he was not a very good defender.

Originally Posted by JohnnySic
I'm 35; I saw Penny's whole career going back to his Memphis days. Great player, but VERY overrated. People talk about him like he was Kobe/LeBron level. He wasn't; more like Brandon Roy/Joe Johnson level. In other words, he was a great player but not elite.

Brandon Roy and Joe Johnson level? :

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