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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Originally Posted by JohnnySic

Webber > Penny. People ALWAYS forget Chris Webber, or think of him as more of a 2000's player than a 90's player. I dont know why.
Webber was out for most of the 1996 season with a dislocated shoulder and he missed a significant amount of time the previous year as well so I didn't bother putting him on the list. But, yeah he deserves some consideration. Regarding Penny and Webber, I always wondered if they weren't traded for each other. The CWebb/Shaq tandem would've definitely been interesting to watch. Webber at that time was pretty athletic and explosive and he wouldn't clog the lane for Shaq since Webber operated more in the high post. They were also surrounded with some great 3 point shooters to spread the floor with Nick Anderson and Scott. Shaw could also hit the 3. CWebb also won ROY in '94 outshining Penny on that unconventional Warrior team. But, yeah, when healthy you can definitely make a case for Webber over Penny.

I forgot to put Stockton's name up there as well but I wouldn't take him over Penny at that time.
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