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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
What's wrong with saying Penny was a better passer than Hill? Did you even watch Penny play? And yes, he was a better winner than Hill. In six healthy seasons in his prime, Hill made the playoffs 4 times and his numbers were comparable to his season numbers only once(he can't be blamed for 2000 though due to the injury). Penny stepped up his game in the playoffs, look at the 1997 playoffs or the 1995 finals. Look at what Penny did when Shaq was injured in 1996 and look his record with Orlando even after they replaced Shaq with Rony Seikaly who hadn't played well the last 2 seasons and that was with Nick Anderson already being done mentally after the 1995 finals(he dropped to a 40% FT shooter).

And Penny was typically a good perimeter defender, better than most of the star perimeter players of the past decade who very rarely even try to play 1 on 1 defense.

He played 5 games in the 97 playoffs. Anyone can have a great stretch or series...

No, you aren't a better winner just because you got stuck next to one of the most dominant centers at his absolutely glory days.

And once again, no, he wasn't a very good defensive player. He's the only star guard Shaq has played with that hasn't gone on a all defensive team. He really was a poor defender.
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