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Default Re: The Illini might be back....Introducing Jereme Richmond

Waukegan won 59-42. Not much happened in the first half, I think it was 19-16 or something like that at the half, and Waukegan just ripped them apart in the second half. They got it ramped up to their preferred breakneck pace and Young isn't comfortable playing at that speed. Richmond completely shut down the paint, swatting almost everything and what he didn't swat, he altered. The only downside for Richmond was the stupid long-sleeved shirt he wore underneath his jersey. It looks so dumb.

Hopefully Young gets it together or the anticipated title-game rematch won't happen. Personally, I wish it was still just two classes because I'd prefer a rematch between the two teams I truly believe are the best in the state regardless of how many highly-ranked players they may or may not have: Waukegan and Champaign Centennial. Centennial put a hurt on Waukegan at Assembly Hall two months ago but Waukegan is a much-improved team at this point.

(Yes, I'm biased as a Centennial grad. But the 3A state title and 57-2 record over the last two years speaks for itself.)
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