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Default Re: Keeping in theme

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth
That was fun to watch! 90's Basketball FTW! =D

The block at 1:33 was HARD! XD

I like #15's game, he seems real fundamental.... actually your whole team does as well. And #23 (I think that's his number) has a beautiful stroke.

I notice nobody shoots many 3 pointers, but I remember that being the style in the early 90's if I'm correct.

You guys played together really well!

Funny thing is we came into the playoffs at I think 9 wins, 12 losses and didn't play as a team all season, #15 was a player and we were all I guess maybe jealous, or frustrated with his lack of team play. We begged to be allowed into the playoffs as we knew we could compete and came together and went 2-2.

#15 had unbelievable range, he had 32 in that game and a season high of I think 45 during the regular season. Funny that I started varsity my Sophmore year but was back on JV my junior year, #15 played JV his soph year and moved to varisty his junior year and lit it up.

I was an inconsistent shooter and relied on my timing on D, as seen on the block(s) and loved to dish the ball. I think you were talking about #25, he was a 5 ten forward and could jump. Good times. Glad you all enjoyed. I think I have my junior year highlights somewhere I 'll have to find them.
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