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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Originally Posted by DarkSephiroth
Latest Basketball Clip:

Alex Mak (#32- Point Guard) Basketball Highlights from Taiwan Center Basketball tournament. Played at Alpine Rec. Center in Los Angeles, CA (Chinatown) on October 3rd & 4th. Teams Played against: PacRim, Tigers Blue, Taiwan Center, Orient Express.

It's basically highlights from a tournament that hosted some of the best Asian teams in the nation.

Little background on me: I played College Basketball at College of the Canyons in Valencia, CA. I'm Half Chinese / White, averaged 19 & 6 Assists in High School, played at Reseda High School. Graduated High School 2004, down the street from Jordan Farmar (Same year as well, but we were in different conferences). Currently play in various leagues around Los Angeles, but primarily in the San Fernando Valley, where I reside in Chatsworth, CA. I'm 6'0, 145 lbs. and have a history of ankle injuries, including a partially torn ligament in my left ankle sustained on October 18, 2009, which I'm still attempting to recover from.

I'm a frequent visitor to ISH, I'm here every day. I am generally a quiet person so I don't post to often, but I read most of the threads, mainly in the NBA and Streetball forum.

Bro I think I played against you before. You ever play in PacRim or Superstar Basketball? I also used to play at Alpine alot on the weekends in my high school days (I went to Marshall class of 05).

I also remember Taiwan Center usually puts out their own team in PacRim. They played pretty good against us and we had a roster with D1 guys like Ruben Boykin and Rico Tucker that season.

EDIT: just watched the video, lol that Pacrim travel squad is basically the Flava team of Pacrim.

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