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Default Re: The Rockets are weak

Originally Posted by Q.E.C
The Rockets are weak now. These past 3 games have shown everything. I know Lowry hasn't been playing, and it might take awhile for the new guys to get used to everything, but we look like a weaker team now.

yeah it will take sometime. the backcourt of brooks and kmart has the potential to be dangerous, but they have to first develop chemistry. as mentioned in last nights game, kmart only seemed to be dominant when he controls the ball but as we all know brooks will be controlling the basketball so they will just have to find a healthy median.

i believe lowry is a key part of this team, he brings toughness and a change of pace of the bench.

i dont know when most ppl see this trade, they look at it as a playoff push. me on the other hand not so much. i think this trade is more for the future with houston expecting a healthy yao ming back in the picture next season. as of now were 3 games in, kmart had his first good game, 5-14 from the field is not so solid but in the sense that he found some comfort at some point, mainly in the 2nd half.

they may seem weak right now with a 3 game skid, they're 28-28 and not in the playoff picture but you just gotta give it sometime. kmart himself was injured for sometime with sacramento this season. then you stick him in the middle of the year with a new squad, and houston is a relatively young team themselves. kmart isnt getting accumulated with a bunch of veterans. so again, it will take sometime.
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