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Default Re: The Rockets are weak

i like the trade, dont get me wrong, but i have to agree with the original poster.

1. tmac couldnt play because he might ruin the chemistry? but you can trade landry mid-season and that is not gonna mess with the chemistry. I am beginning to think that Morey was scared that Tmac would not have a good showing in full minutes. I would have loved to give tmac a chance here and see where that would have taken the rockets before trading him.

2. yeah it is going to take some time for these guys to gel. i actually like the makeup of the team after the trade. the only piece that seems to not fit is brooks. I am starting to think if an upgrade needs to be made in this regard. A player mush like lowry might fit better alongside martin. It would work with brooks, if he really wanted to change his mindset a little bit and do more spot up shooting for martin when he drives, as well as look to kick it out to martin when brooks, himself, drives. now that i think about it.... maybe this is the type of guy needed here.

3. martin is at his best when he is taking it to the rack. I did not know this about him. i really thought he was more of a spot up shooter than he really is. I love when i see him go the the rim.

4. jeffries seems to be more useful for the rockets than he was for the knicks. I like what jeffries brings to the table. if he were not a string bean, he could man the middle easily. I liek what he brings to the table defensively. is it me or does he look really tall out there (maybe i am used to our midget center)

5. Hill seems to be a project, but i like his effort. I think he could develop into something nice.

6. Hilton is a usable 3rd stringer...... not a bad throw in for the trade.
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