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Default Re: Jordan Retro 11 - 2009 Space Jams for SALE

Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
These are my boards. You're still a rookie to me. I can go anywhere I want on a public forum. Just find it pathetic you're trying to rip off board members.

Don't flatter yourself, sparky. I've been posting in the sneaker forum for awhile now, before you ever showed up. So keep your delusions of grandeur to yourself.

How much exactly is a "grip"?

Oh, so you paid over retail for these, heh?

This isn't your board troll, you couldn't ban me if you wanted to, so what do you own?

Duh I paid over retail for my 2nd pair, I've been debating whether to keep them or sell em cuz I balled in my first pair.

Duh you're a troll because you literally come up with nothing but hate wherever I post. You seem to have nothing better to do. Hey look I'm putting a "VETERAN POSTER" on ignore, lmao.

You are a scrub. Your shoe game blows so you hate, which means you probably get no money, so you hate. You prob have 0 ball game too, so once again you hate. For all I know YOU know absolutely nothing about basketball and just front that too, while continuing to hate. Seriously get off my nuts cuz, on to the next one.
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