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Default Re: New Orleans scorekeeper has some problems.

Wow, he gets about one more at home (could that be anything to do with performing better at home, like how virtually ALL teams do?). The level of stupidity here never ceases to amaze me.

I looked into this last year when it came up...

Deron in 09

11.4 at home
10.0 away

Despite playing 38 minutes away and 35 at home. It leveled off this year but its not rare at all.

Nash is 11.5 home 10.9 away even though he plays more minutes away.

Kidd is 9.6 at home and 9 away. Rondo over 11 at home and 9 even away in 1 less minute.

Lebron 9.5 at home 7.5 away playing more minutes away.

Magic in 89? 13.4 at home 12.2 on the road in more minutes.

Isiah in 1990? 10.6 at home...8.2 on the road in more minutes.

Stockton in 88? 15 assists a game at home 13 on the road....more minutes on the road.

Mark Jackson 97? 12 at home 10.8 at home.

Not picking and choosing years either. For most I picked their best years assists wise and for guys too old the best years we have splits for.

Getting more assists at home is as old as basketbal and plenty of people have a larger difference than Chris Paul. A few people just decided to complain about Chris and people believe what they hear enough without looking into it.

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