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Default Re: Jordan Retro 11 - 2009 Space Jams for SALE

Originally Posted by Birmingham1955
+1. first of all nobody is going to buy it here for 360 dollars. Don't kid yourself, you might as well wear it yourself.. If you would sell it at a reasonable jordan shoe price like between 90-120 dollars then maybe someone would buy it.

sorry but there's no way it's being sold for < 300.00. That's just the going price for it now. I threw this up on here in case there were shoe heads on this forum; obv not because some of you think you could actually get men's size retro XI space jams for 120.00 . Retail was 175.00, and this was a quickstrike GR, meaning it was released almost everywhere but only a limited quantity was supplied. They sold out virtually the day they were released, with a few late shipments here and there. The only way you'd get a pair of these for 120.00 is if they were beat to death.

360.00 was my offer because people will lowball me, that's how the sell/trade works. I also priced higher than the current value (275.00) because it's a sz12. Sizes are harder to come by as they go up, especially for DS (deadstock) stuff.

8-9 = 250.00
9.5-10.5 = 275.00
11-11.5 = 295.00
12+ = 300.00 +

yes we pay that much for shoes and account shoes for their trade value, based on the shoe itself, the condition it's in, etc.

btw sold it already anyway for 340.00 shipped ground.
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