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Default Official Dallas Mavericks Offseason Plans Post

Well, before we start divulging into any certain players/trades, let's just reiterate what the team needs.

1. Shooters, particularly at the SG/SF position
2. PG with a mind for just passing and racking up assists
3. Pure, athletic slashers
4. Good perimeter defenders
5. Backup PF, hopefully athletic, maybe with good range, but also needs to be able to bang inside

For now, I'll start with the draft. Dallas has the 28th and 58th picks. I think Dallas should address part of their shooting needs in the draft. While Dallas scouts and drafts, I hope they keep in mind that they need players who will contribute either next season or the year after that. NO PROJECTS aka no Pavel. Some players...

SG - Maurice Ager, Richard Roby, Mike Gansey, Thomas Gardner, whichever Euro is available
PF/C - For shooters, Steve Novak, maybe Kevin Pittsnogle in the 2nd round. HOWEVER, other players to consider are Josh Boone (perfect defender for Amare), Alexander Johnson, Yemi Nicholson (low-post offense)

^^Don't expect the next Josh Howard/Marquis. These are just guys who can be counted on to consistantly make open 3 pointers, and or score a good 6 pts a night and grab 3-4 boards in limited minutes.

Others: 2 perimeter guys who, from scouting reports, sound like they will be great defenders are Thabo Sefolosha and Bobby Jones.

Now, we need to look at our own free agents.

-Keith Van Horn should just expire and leave.
-Jason Terry...ehh...he played a good post season but I'm not so much one of the people on his bandwagon. He makes big shots and plays big games sometimes but he takes shots away from Dirk and cannot play pure PG. This team would be SO good if they just improved on their team passing. Dallas might as well try to re-sign Jet because there's no pure PG on the market.
-Adrian Griffin: See, this is a tough one. Griff is a great player to have during the 82-game season. He's not that great to have during the playoffs, and we saw how his contributions began to diminish.
-Darrell Armstrong: Will he retire? Lindsay Hunter is also on the market...

More on potential trades/free agent targets later...

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