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Originally Posted by kentatm
it is unfair for a black man to on one hand get pissed when anyone else says it but then has no problem saying it or with other blacks saying it.

in fact its not unfair, its just stupid.

you will never get through to racist folk if you have a double standard for sh!t like that. they use it as ammo in their biggoted arguments.

take them bullets away my brothas!

oh wait, i cant say that either cause im white.

I can't stand idiots who assume that every black person thinks it's ok for black people to use it.

I'm black and hate the word no matter who uses it.

I also think it's hypocritical for rappers to make songs they KNOW will be sung by white people and then say that white people shouldn't say it.

But most people just want to do whatever they f!Ck they want to do, without bothering to analyze what they're doing and why.
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