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Originally Posted by TEXAS BATMAN
I'm watching an episode of the Real World (loving this season's cast by the way), and on this particular episode things get heated at a club behind a racial slur, and climax later at the house when a member of the house uses the same slur.

I feel like the word n*er is the most singularly disrespectful word in the english language. I've heard of arabs being called 'sand n*rs', and asians 'slant eyed n*rs'. In the South, lol, you'll hear it all. I made a reputation pretending to be a white guy posting and throwing the word around liberally. Quite frankly, n*a has become almost a cultural commodity. Hispanics, asians, caucasians, all use it it's not only exlusive to blacks anymore. I used to take offense to anybody outside of black saying it and got into countless confrontations behind it. Until a mentor told me trying to stop someone from saying it is a losing battle. Like trying to hold water with your hands. You might catch some of it but the majority of it will slip right through your fingers.

But as I'm watching this episode, this black guy and this white guy get into it, and the black guy calls him a fake nsync wannabe, might have threw a punk white boy into it and if he didn't he might as well have, but I figure that's just as equally racist. Which is why I don't even bother to get into the racial arguments on this board because the lines on this issue are too blurred.

Guess my point is, I don't take too much exception to the n*a expression. I've been around white chicks singin along to Lil Jon gettin crunk wit it and yellin it like it's nothing. White dude's calling each other n*a. And I shrug it off. Even kinda amuses me a lil bit. But then too there was a occassion when I got into a fight at this chick's house and she, who up until that time had been like a homegirl to me, even messed around with some of my aces, shouted "Get that n*r out of my house!" Which only made the situation worse. And I thought back to all the times she had used the other expression and I wondered if I had missed something.

Which brings me to I know a lot of the white and other ethnicities on this board listen to rap, so I know they're not rhyming to the songs pause at n*a then pick up where they left off. Jus expressin some thoughts.

I agree that the use of the n-word as a racist term has been taken in the wrong context and direction. Growing up with a brother who is of african american decent (I am white), I have a greater understanding on how it can hurt their feelings.

What I am tired of is some african americans using it as a way out. This type of situation happened to me on December 6th. At my last job, I was an executive recruiter. My daily duties were to find potential job seekers who met certain criteria for jobs in which I was recruiting for. I would do this for several different companies. Our job is to get 8 people screened in a week. The highest anyone had screened in before I came was 15. Well, i was averaging 32 a week for a solid two months. Every day I was complimented and told how well I was doing.

This african american gentleman named Andre started to get jealous. Like any hard worker, he wanted to be the best. He ended up taking my success to heart and became very jealous and bitter. To retaliate for my success, he went to the human resource managers and claimed I called him the N-word and blackie. This led to me being put on probation and totally ignored (to my side of the story).

A day later the gentleman flipped out and went off on me for no reason. He left his chair and challenged me to a fight. What happened was, I was on the phone with my gf telling her that I loved her and had to talk to her about my crazy week. Andre spoke up and told me to "quit crying baby". I told him to mind his own business and leave me alone. He left his chair, screaming he was going to "f me up and kill me". The gentleman had to be pulled out of the room. I never left my seat.

They ended up firing me because he told them I said racial terms. It was an unfair termination and I am dealing with it through the legal process.

But this showed me how afraid and sensitive society is to the N-word. And how it can be used against another race as a scapegoat, and that upsets me.
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