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I can't stand idiots who assume that every black person thinks it's ok for black people to use it.

hmm, did i say all blacks are that way? NO. if you dont want words put in your mouth don't do it to others.

You're white and want "fairness". The funny part of it all.

excuse me for noting that a race other than whites do retarded things.

of course we get benifits others dont. that aint fair either. doesnt mean you cant work on yourselves too.

its like Chris Rock said, a black C student cant run a fast food joint while the white C student just happens to be the president.

fair? nope. do i agree nope. dont try and turn some crap on me just b/c ill call out other bs too.

i already have to put up with sh!t from racist jackassess in Texas that think im a piece of trash for hanging with blacks. anything you say is actually kinda funny b/c it just doesnt compare.
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