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Originally Posted by kentatm
excuse me for noting that a race other than whites do retarded things.

of course we get benifits others dont. that aint fair either. doesnt mean you cant work on yourselves too.

And you're saying nothing new. You're telling me nothing I dont know nor heard before. And here comes the problem. This is like one parent trying to tell another how to raise thier kids. Its not your place.

Worry about how you're gonna even the playing fields here. Make life fair since you acknowledge there is an advantage on your side. Dont worry about another and dont complain about "fairness". Take care of your side and convince them "Hey we arent being fair here" then we meet at the table together hopefully with each side having worked on themselves.

Until then? Miss me with the bullshyt.

i already have to put up with sh!t from racist jackassess in Texas that think im a piece of trash for hanging with blacks. anything you say is actually kinda funny b/c it just doesnt compare.

Looks like you have your hands full as well trying to work on the racist jackasses on your side. Hey I'll work on the black folks using the n word, and you work on the racist, I dont wanna sit with black people/mingle with them, pickup truck driving with a chain in the back (whats that for?) motherphuckers.

Deal? Now thats fair.
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