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I worked at a fast food joint when I was younger, and we had this real @$$hole of a supervisor, young white guy. Real yuppie, who was always on our case and showed preferential treatment to the white employees. He and this black employee get into it, I was there, almost to the point of blows, and when it comes back to the manager the black kid said he called him a n*r and the supe got terminated. Even though I seen the whole thing and the yup never said it, but the black kid did call him a h0 @$$ white bwoy which was brought up but done nothing about. I said nothing becuz 1 couldn't stand the guy, 2 f#@k it it didn't hurt my pockets any.

Thought it was funny that they took the black guy's word for it jus cuz they thought the white kid was racist, when the white dude said that the other guy called him a h a white bwoy. Priceless
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