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Default Re: Trying to get into WNBA basketball...

Originally Posted by KG215
We all suck. If you got the 8 best players that post on ISH, they would be doing good to beat a really good JV team in a best of 5 series.

WNBA players are good, and yes, some are probably better than a lot of ISH posters, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say there might be some posters who could/would beat a WNBA player 1-on-1.

I think of myself as a pretty decent player. Played on the highest competition level in my region for 3 years and was one of the top 4 players on my team.

In the same region there was a Women's team which was playing at the national level and we occasionaly would practice with them. I can say here without feeling bad about it, 1v1 I got my ass kicked. It was actually 5v5 where we started to dominate them. We were more physical, faster and could jump higher.

And I think if we took the 8 best players from ISH we'd have a pretty good team. The biggest problem would be where we'd have to practice, people from all over the world here.
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