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Default Re: Trying to get into WNBA basketball...

I was being sarcastic about that first part. I was a decent high school player. (third option on a state championship team.) We scrimmaged our girl's team (who also won state that year) from time to time. I don't know why really, because we never got anything out of it, but our girls had two D1 players on it and went 6' and 6'2" in the post (which is big for a girl's team) but they were doing good if they scored even one bucket on us. Now 1v1 is a little different. One of the girl's on that team was a top 3 player in the state that year, and her game and flow was more similar to a boy's than a girl. I never played her 1v1 but she would play 21 with 4 or 5 of the guys on our team. She was pretty quick, had a really good handle, and could shoot, but she rarely crac,ed double figures in 21 games where the defense was pretty soft sometimes.

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