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Im on the Jet bandwagon.You do not under ANNNY circumstances let your finals leading scorer go to another team.I don't think he really takes that much off Dirks shot well.....Dirk just misses what he gets.Their game is to hit you quick if you are a slower tm than they are and if your the Suns ,they pray hard and try to pray half court defense.That will be scrapped out when Armare comes back.Besides with the whole world watching the clinic on "how you stop Dirk"-courtesy of mean muggin Haslem ,quick posey and short man Anderson.Yeah Dirk couldn't get a shot off on Anderson!They need a proven scorer to help carry the team.That leaves Terry and J-Ho.J-ho is still young and thinks he can carry the team with his offbalance shots with dirk wide open then I think he whinns to much to the officials.Just make a good shot and play the gm!So you see Jet has to be there.He's the second tougest maverick after stack not scared to take it to the hole.I think he may have had more dunks and layups more than Dirk.
Now what hurt the Mavs is Dirk.I think on the defensive end than the offensive end.Yea he has made big strides defensively but I think his german coach still needs to put him to work.He's what I call a weak side.You notice D-wade didn't take it that much to Diop and Damp.He faced Dirk.He 7.0 ,can hang in the air to hit a fade away well.. jump high and block someone send him to the floor get in foul trouble for gods sake but send a message and tell them they are not bringin that sh* to dirk coz he aint havin it!
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