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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Originally Posted by Splitz77
Goes into the game? Wrong Jersey? I was practice bro. Your real tough over the internet. Probably some nerd that doesnt have no self esteme in real life. Gotta be a G on the net. Its cool mane, I get it..

you got the wrong idea man, I don't mean you any disrespect. Just kind of how this thread goes, somebody posts their pic, everybody else makes smart ass comments. All love I assure you. You look like a cool guy. Peace, truce, etc. Any Jo-Ho (Josh Howard) fan is okay by me.

To prove I'm not some nerd:

edit# 2

Originally Posted by tunnel vision
You can all say
whatever you want but for a
guy like Lamar Doom, as fat and ugly
as he is, to diss others on here
is hilarious.

see? some harmless ribbing from my favorite poster tunnel vision. Is that a haiku? This guy is a riot. We go way back.

To settle the other argument, the smartest guy I know is an asian drop out so ya'll need to cool it.
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