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Originally Posted by v-unit
Don't know about you guys, but all the school drop outs here in Toronto are pretty much idiots I can't see anyone dropping out of school and being better off than someone else UNLESS they revolutionalize the world a la Google, Youtube, Facebook, etc.

You don't have to have a one-hit overnight invention.

The people who are successful and dropout are generally those who are extremely creative. And that doesn't necessarily mean art. It can be business (mark cuban), fashion (tommy hilfiger), technology (bill gates) or anything.

School is essentially committing other people's ideas to memory. The people who have the ideas that others go to school to learn, don't need a resume or a transcript to prove anything to anyone. Their ideas and innovations are the ones driving the fabric of society.

It's the majority public who don't have ideas that have to be able to go to an employer and say "here, this is what i was able to learn."

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