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Originally Posted by vapid
Also, whats with the implicit racist undertones? Asians are as artistic and multi-talented as any other group of people.

Perhaps he meant Asian as a culture instead of Asian as a race?

An asian and a caucasion growing up in America will essentially be the same in terms of creativity and thought process, but not necessarily someone who grew up in China.

I don't know about other Asian languages but I know Chinese is an extremely simplistic, restrictive language. And language is one of the most direct factors in thought process. There's a reason why Chinese are essentially known for math. You can't write beautiful poetry in Chinese because they don't have near the superlatives or synonyms as in Romance languages. Their creativity is necessarily stifled by the language.

The idea that Chinese and other Asians are somewhat "robotic" in personality is no coincidence. And the fact that they are so enamored and fascinated with things like rap music and american celebrities and the like is not as well. Theirs is a very singularly focused culture. Traditionally there aren't nearly as many colors on the pallet so to speak. For them, not working a standard 9-5 isn't really a consideration, because there is no other forms of expression or production to consider (relative to American culture, of course). It's just not even something they'd think about.

So what AtomSmasher said is correct. In an Asian circle, not going the academic route is probably considered perilous and illogical. But that's simply their perception.

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