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Originally Posted by Mathius
I can see how they'd be convenient, but I've had a lot of problems with USB ports failing too. I have 4 on my computer, and I think only 3 of them work. My dad's computer had 4, and he couldn't get the front 2 to work.

Also, those USB cards are expensive. I checked into it and I saw one on clearance the other day for $44 for a 1Gb. For $40, I could buy an internal 40GB hard drive.


Depending how you use a flash drive or what you need it for will determine what size you need. Mostly it depends where you are looking to buy the flash drive. Many places have expensive, overpriced flash drives! I was in Staples a few weeks ago and I saw that they had their own brand of flash drive going for at least four times more than what they had another one on sale for. They will definitely be better than a floppy and even if you do pay more than you were expecting you will be happy you bought it.
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