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Depends on how teams treat Shaq and what the leagues general game plan against Miami is.

This year it was still Shaq first then Wade, this series may change that which will put more of the responsibility back on Shaq. If he does become the "2nd" option of other teams defenses then he has to lift his play or at least maintain it or Wade will find life a lot harder.

Both Wade and Shaq have to stay healthy. They need to start playing Dorrell a lot more also or their future is pretty ****ed. Dorrell should be starting by seasons end.

Biggest problems is I can see SA making the moves they need to(other than trading Parker anyway). Should really cash in on Parker right now while he is stupidly overrated around the league. Need to get more athletic, expect them to target JR Smith again, could be something special under Pop(think Carter with defense). Phoenix should be around there for probably the last season(Nash is the superstar right behind Shaq that is due to decline). Minny hopefully improve, ie fire McHale. Dallas will be back and should be better. Cleveland should be better. Detroit are either done or will come back with a new fire under their asses. Sacramento will have a whole year and should free KMart. Denver have the potential to make some noise.

Thats about it. Never know with the Clips and Seattle.
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