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Default Re: What's going on with Speights?

Originally Posted by AtomSmasher
I thought in the beginning of the year he was doing a fine job of getting the ball in the basket though.

I really can't wait till Eddie Jordan is gone. Bring in Avery Johnson, draft a decent big (hoping Monroe or maybe we'll luck out and get Cousins) and go from there. Dalembert's expiring contract will be worth something to someone midseason and we can probably pick up a decent player.

Jrue Holiday is the real deal. I'd like to move Louis Williams along with Dalemdumb and get a quality 2 guard perhaps. I guess we're stuck with Elton for a while.

Yeah I love the way Jrue is playing. Hes averaging 13/6/5 in the last 5 games and brings a lot of energy. I wasn't sure about him when we drafted him but he has proved me wrong.
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