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Default Re: What will Mike Brown do to the rotation come playoff time?

I know what you mean. The Cavs are super loaded right now. I am thinking Powe is going to be the one who gets shafted. I see your point with the subs because how it used to go was 6 minutes into the quarter, West, Z and Andy come in to relieve JJ, Shaq and AP. But now Jamison is in the mix and he is going to want the minutes. But I mean, you cannot cut Andy's minutes. I guess you could cut Mo down a little and go big with West and LBJ in the back court, then Z, Andy and Jamison. Its going to be interesting how Brown does it. I hope Boobie gets to play! Its crazy how deep they are but its also a good thing to have so many good guys ready to go. I like how the seeds look right now because we can play most teams without Shaq. Orlando would face us in the ECF and he will be ready to go by then. Only teams beside Orlando I worry without Shaq is Atlanta and Charlotte with all the big guys they have.
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